2015/10/11 - 14Th Anniversary Party -

1. Love Theme From The Godfather 2. Jailhouse Rock/ELVIS PRESLEY 3. Da Doo Ron Ron/THE CRYSTALS 4. Rehab/ARMY WINEHOUSE 5. Boom Boom/JOHN LEE HOOKER 6. Crosstown Traffic/JIMI HENDRIX 7. Rock'n Roll Hoochie Koo/RICK DERRINGER 8. ROCK IN THE FREE WORLD/NEIL YOUNG&CRAZY HORSE(accostic) 9. One Love/BOB MURLEY&WAILERS 10. Power To The People/JOHN LENNON 11. You've Really Got A Hold On Me /SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES 12. Rhythm Of The Rain / THE CASCADES 13. Please Mr. Postman /THE MARVELETTES 14. Wonderful World /SAM COOKE 15. Living Through Another Cuba/XTC 16. Modern Times /J FIVE 17. Talking In Your Sleep/SPACE COWBOY 18. ミイラキラー / TEMPURA KIDZ VS CHARISMA.COM 19. Break on Through/THE DOORS 20. Cat Was Dead /BLANKEY JET CITY 21. Lust For Life /IGGY POP 22. Go Cat Wild /THE ROCKATS(Originally Peformed By BUZY&THE FLYERS) 23. Liar's Truth /ROCKIN' ICHIRO & BOOGIE WOOGIE SWING BOYS 24. ドカドカうるさいR&Rバンド/RCサクセッション 25. シンデレラ/COOLS 26. ファンキー・モンキー・ベイビー /CAROL 27. カレンダーガール /THE BIRTHDAY 28. Happy Birthday/STEVIE WONDER

~《GUEST LIVE》Shogen Morishita(ex. girl)~

29. Roadhouse Blues/THE DOORS 30. ブラックハット/THE SMITH&WESSON 31. The Headmaster Ritual/THE SMITHS 32. Last Night/THE STROKES 33. Girl From Mars/ASH 34. I Wont Let You Go/THE MAMMALS 35. Dont Look Back Into The Sun/THE LIBERTINES 36. Rock 'N Roll Star/OASIS 37. Anyone Can Play Guitar/RADIOHEAD 38. Been A Son/NIRVANA 39. All My Life/FOO FIGHTERS 40. Ace Of Spades/MOTORHEAD 41. Rat Race/SKINDREAD 42. Guerilla Radio/RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE 43. Around The World/RED HOT CHLI PEPPERS 44. Dancing Shoes/ARCTIC MONKEYS 45. 3104丁目のDANCE HALLに足を向けろ/BLANKEY JET CITY 46. Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag/PIGBAG 47. Undercover Of The Night/ROLLING STONES 48. Supermassive Black Hole/MUSE 49. Club Foot/KASABIAN 50. Song2/BLUR 51. Love Sick/FRIENDLY FIRES 52. Blue Monday/NEW ORDER 53. Great DJ/TING TINGS 54. Revolution/THE BEATLES 55. Hush / KULA SHAKER(Originally Peformed By BILLY JOE ROYAL) 56. Flathead /THE FRATELLIS 57. Are You Gonna Be My Girl /JET 58. Tick Tick Boom /THE HIVES 59. Cum On Feel The Noize /SLADE 60. Cherry Bomb /THE RUNAWAYS 61. Call Me /BLONDIE 62. The Wild One /SUZI QUATRO 63. Neat Neat Neat /THE DAMNED 64. Why Do You Want To Shake? /THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT 65. Fiesta /THE POGUES 66. Tequila/THE CHAMPS 67. Pipeline/BUSTARS ALL STARS(Originally Peformed By CHANTYS) 68. [Do] The Hucklebuck/COAST TO COAST(Originally Peformed By CHUBBY CHECHER) 69. C'mon Everbody/SEX PISTOLS(Originally Peformed By EDDIE COCHRAN) 70. I Love Rock'n Roll/JOAN JETT&BLACK HEARTS(Originally Peformed By ARROWS) 71. Fight For Your Right/BEASTIE BOYS 72~73. Video Killed Radiostar/PRESIDENTS U. S. A~BUGGLES 74. Venus/SHOCKING BLUE 75. Move Over/JANIS JHOPLIN 76. Dance To The Music/SLY&FAMILY STONE 77. Are You Gonna Go My Way/LENNY KRAVITZ 78. Rocks/PRYMAL SCREAM 79. The People/THE MUSIC 80. On Our Way/ROYAL CONCEPT 81. I Want You To Know/ZEDD ft. SELENA GOMEZ 82. Stop The Rock/APPOLO FOUR FORTY 83. By The Way/PETER GELDERBLOM remix(Originally Peformed By RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) 84. Wait&Bleed/SLIP KNOT 85. Entersandman/METALLICA 86. Livin On A Prayer/BON JOVI 87. TV『サンダーバード』オープニングBGM 88. I Saw Her Standing There/THE BEATLES 89. Jumpin' Jack Flash/THE ROLLING STONES 90. You Really Got Me/THE KINKS 91. My Generation/THE WHO 92. Rock and Roll/LED ZEPPELIN 93. Highway Star/DEEP PURPLE 94. Paranoid/BLACK SABBATH 95. Rock and Roll All Nite/KISS 96. My Sharona/THE KNACK 97. Saturday Night/BAY CITY ROLLERS 98. Sugar Baby Love/THE RUBETTES 99. メッツのシーサイド・バウンド/メッツ(Originally Peformed By TIGERS) 100. バン・バン・バン/ザ・スパイダース 101. ルイジアンナ/CAROL 102. 学園天国/フィンガー5 103. Give Me Ah-Ray!!/HIROSHI&EVE(Originally Peformed By THE SPECIALS'LITTLE BITCH') 104. Breakaway/TRACY ULLMAN(Originally Peformed By IRMA THOMAS) 105. I Fought The Law/THE CLASH(Originally Peformed By CRICKETS) 106. 雨あがりの夜空に/RCサクセション


107. We Will Rock You / QUEEN 108. Kick Start My Heart / MOTLEY CRUE 109. The Trooper / IROM MAIDEN 110. Painkiller / JUDAS PRIEST 111. The Beatiful People / MALYRIN MANSON 112. Why Can't We Be Friends? / SMASH MOUTH(Originally Peformed By WAR) 113. American Idiot / GREEN DAY 114. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) / MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 115. Beat It / FALL OUT BOY(Originally Peformed By MICHELLE JACKSON) 116. Got My Mind Set On You /GEORGE HARRISON(Originally Performed by JAMES RAY) 117. Goody Two Shoes / ADMA ANT 118. Brand New Cadillac /THE CLASH(Originally Performed by VINCE TAYLOR & HIS PLAYBOYS) 119. Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio? /RAMONES 120. She Loves You /THE BEATLES 121. Hippy Hippy Shake /THE GEROGIA SATELLITES(Originally Performed by SWIGGING BLUE JEANS) 122. 5-4-3-2-1 /MANFRED MANN 123. She Does It Right /DR. FEELGOOD 124. Shout! Shout! /ROCKY SHARPE & THE REPLAYS 125. Rock This Town /STRAY CATS 126. 恋をしようよ /THE ROOSTERS 127. Born To Lose /JHONNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS 128. デイ・ドリーム・ビリーバー /THE TIMERS(Originally Peformed By MONKEYS)


129. Welcome To The Jungle/GUNS N'ROSES 130. Born To Be Wild/STEPPEN WOLF 131. Jhonny B. Goode/CHUCK BERRY 132. Shout/LULU(Originally Peformed By ISELY BROTHERS) 133. シェリーにくちづけ(I LOVE KISS&KIDS MIX)/PIZZICATO FIVE(Originally Peformed By MICHEL POLNAREFF) 134. 世界の終わり/THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT

End. Like A Rolling Stone/BOB DYLAN

*【GUEST DJ】 青島将司(Bombtrack/Turning Point) 38~47曲目

【SUPPORT DJ】 AKIRA(BreakOnThrough!!!)19~27曲目 MOJA(mockin)29~37曲目 Murama2(TEASER)87~106曲目